a global collaboration with avicii

Avicii x You is the world’s largest music collaboration. The project runs from the 9th of January
with the final track being released as a single February the 26th.

Avicii x You aims to create a hit single out of the world’s largest music collaboration. The project will be run in five stages, where artists from around the world will have the chance to collaborate with Avicii. The final track will be released on February 26 and each week up until then will have two processes running simultaneously:

Upload of specific sound category
Voting on the selected finalists from previous week

The upload and voting process will continue each week, until submissions for all categories
have been collected and voted on. You can follow this process behind the scenes
via the Studio Blog and through our online channels:


All royalties from the creative contributions together with part of the master royalties from the final track will be donated to House For Hunger.
House For Hunger was founded in 2011 by Avicii and Ash Pournouri to help battle hunger worldwide. Read more about it here.

latest version of the track

frequently asked questions

How does this work?

In short this project is about You contributing in making a global hit single together with Avicii. The project is separated into 5 parts (Melody, Bassline, Beat & Rhytm, Break & Effects) and each part has three phases (submission, voting, final mix by Avicii). Go to the start or track page to find more information about what part of the song Avicii is looking for this week.

Why is Avicii doing this?

This project is an experiment to see what can be achieved using social technology but as much an initiative to show the breadth of just how many great bedroom producers there is out there. We want to give everyone a chance to be seen on the global music arena.

Can anyone contribute?

Yes, but you need to be at least 18 years of age and have a Facebook account.

How do I contribute?

Join by logging in with your Facebook account, click upload and choose a track in any of the approved formats (.mp3, .aiff, .wav or .ogg ) to get going.

Logging in?! What kind of data do you collect about me?

The login process is done using Facebook's social platform. We use the following information about you on the site: Your Name, Your city and country of residence, Email address.

Do I need to have Facebook to contribute?

Yes, we have chosen Facebook's social plugin as our platform for all user accounts.

Who decides who becomes a Featured Producer?

Out of all submissions Avicii chooses three finalists for each category and then all users get to vote on their favorite. The finalist with most votes will be crowned "Featured Producer" and Avicii will work to include that part into the track.

What's in it for me?

We hope that you are thrilled by the possibility to collaborate with Avicii and be part of creating a global hit single. If that isn't enough it could be nice to know that all royalties from the creative contributions together with 20% of the master royalties from the final track will be donated to House For Hunger. There are also some really nice perks for you as individual if you do well, more about those in the awards tab.

But, please note that…

If you choose to participate in this event, you have to accept these Terms and Conditions. When doing so, you agree to give away your ownership and all rights to your content that you upload, in the event your content is chosen to be part of the track. You will not be paid or receive any sort of remuneration for giving away your rights. If your content is not chosen to be part of the track this will not happen. To be clear: you will be assigning, i.e. giving away, any master rights in your content, other rights in the content, the rights in the underlying composition to the content etc and you will not receive any performer’s or songwriter’s credits in connection with the track etc. So, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before agreeing to this. If it’s not something you wish to be part of, then you should not participate and in that case, don’t upload any content.

Do I need any specific hardware or software to take part?

No, the whole idea with the project is for anyone to be able to participate. You can record yourself playing any instrument, singing or whistling but of course also use your favorite music software.

What is this Levels?

Your Level is the combined result of how much interaction you receive on your tracks. All activity (likes, plays, votes and comments) is weighed and translated into a level that is shown on your My page. Other than the Internet fame this brings they also mean awesome prizes if you're quick about it. To read more about this go to the rewards page.

What happens if I cheat?

Cheaters suck and will be banned from the project immediately. The definition of cheating includes (but is not limited to) manipulation of play count, views, shares and votes. More details around this can be found in the Terms and Conditions paragraph 12.

Where and when will the song be released?

The song will be released as a global digital release through Universal Music Group on Feb 26. This means the that the song will be available on: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, WiMP, Simfy, 7Digital, Beatport and more.

This is great, how do I tell other people about it?

Thank you. You can share the whole project using the share icons in the top left corner of the site. If you would like to share your particular contributions you could either share your page or click share in the player on a specific track to share that.

How can I get updates on the project?

The easiest way to stay updated is to sign up for the weekly newsletter and follow our blog where we will post on a daily basis. During the project we will also keep our social channels warm so be sure to follow Facebook and Twitter.

What happen's to my sound once uploaded?

As soon as the upload is successful our systems starts massaging it to create the necessary assets for the project. Our system is sometimes a very busy guy so this process can take up to one hour depending on the size of your file. In the meantime you will find a placeholder for your track under the my page tab.

Why can I only upload 50 MB files?

To not push our system around too much we have limited the size and allow everyone around the globe to have a chance to join in at the same time.

Why doesn't my sound appear?

It might take a while. Wait, wait and if you still don't have anything uploaded, upload it again.

I'm having problems using the site, who should i contact?

For any technical questions don't hesitate to contact us through info@aviciixyou.com

Why have you removed my submission/s?

Avicii and the team behind Avicii x You have the right delete any submissions without notice. This is to ensure that no material available on the site in any harms another user or other party. The most probable reason (however not limited to this) is we deem the content of your submission to violate copyright or that it's offensive due to racial, sexual, ethical and religious reasons. To read the full terms concerning this please visit the Terms and Conditions paragraph 7.