The success of Avicii


We live in a world where music is such an everyday part of our lives, that we often forget that there are people behind every song we hear on the radio. We may recognize 1 or 2 singers, bands and individuals, but many times DJ-s are left in a place where their name usually isn’t associated with their songs until someone actually takes the time to look up their story and their discography.

Such was the case with Avicii, as the popular DJ rose to fame in early 2011 with the release of his first solo album, but had previously been rather unknown. Tim Berling, popularly known as Avicii is a Swedish musician, DJ, remixer and a somewhat recent producer, who has scored several number 1 hits on the radio and the charts all around the world. His first studio album, “True” is considered critically acclaimed, and throughout the years millions of people became familiar with the name, Avicii.

But what is behind the music and the persona that Tim created for himself?

Avicii was born on September 8, 1989 in Stockholm, and his early encounters with music started at around the age of 18. In his early years, he remixed and created musical tracks in his bedroom, so we can say that he has come a long way, as now, he is headlining festivals and filling stadiums.

Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

This is the great thing about music. People are given great opportunities if they are talented and work hard for their goals. Avicii did the same. He first embarked upon his career through dance music blogs and the remix tapes he released throughout various sources. Tim first made news when his first mainstream release, “Seeking Bromance” was released and became a big hit in Europe.

This was followed by his well-known first album, ’’Levels’’, which skyrocketed him to fame, as all around the world, people were listening to his tunes daily.

Avicii’s success lies in his creativity and the way he uses music to his advantage. He writes catchy beats, he knows all the ins and outs of electronic music, and he knows how to remix and mix songs. Such a knowledge can only be acquired through dedication and hard work, and of course knowing what the music industry is like these days.

We are certainly past the rock era, so many musicians have long realized that electronic music is the mainstream right now. This is one aspect of Avicii’s success, he sticks to what is safe.

His ’’True’’ album was released not long after his first initial successful album, and this work proved to be just as popular among his fans as the last one. Tim continued to move from success to success. He was part of the Future Music Festival and toured Australia in 2013, he held concerts in several huge cities, and he contributed the anthem to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013.

2 years later, his ‘Sophomore Album Stories’ was launched in October 2015. Avicii has been recognized as one of the most influential electronic DJ musicians of all time. His songs enjoy great success and popularity to this day, and he continues to grow his fanbase every day. Avicii represents what a single person without any band can achieve in the music industry these days. Of course, he had help from labels and other sources, but most of the work was done by himself creatively and producer-wise as well. Stick to our page to learn more about Avicii in the upcoming days and weeks!